Yes, I know it’s called Goldeneye 007. Yes, I know we don’t generally cover anything but SFF hardware. However, when something this iconic is coming exclusively to Switch and Xbox, both SFF machines, I’m going to post it.
Goldeneye is back and now it runs at smooth 60FPS and in widescreen! Four player split screen is also back though no mention of online play as of writing. You can now gleefully enjoy the 4kb of texture cash the N64 had in glorious 4K.
January 27th is the release date so get your friends over, order some cheap pizza, guzzle some Surge sodas, and relive the glory of Goldeneye 64 all while accusing each other of screen peaking!

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Average Stuffer
Sep 6, 2022
Definitely going to pick this up, I spent a lot of time playing this on N64 and have a lot of fond memories of it.
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