Selling G-Unique Limited Edition, ASRock Z270M-ITX/ac

Hi guys!

I am looking to sell a few things below. Prices ares in USD and free economy shipping by either FedEX or USPS to the Continental US is included from Tucson, AZ. Prices are somewhat negotiable, but not by very much since shipping is included. (I am willing to ship out of the country, if the buyer covers the cost of shipping.)

All transactions will be done by PayPal.

Lone Industries L3 (Black), USED - $225 shipped (SOLD)
  • The condition of the case is pretty good overall.
  • Very minor scratches on the interior finish, but that was pretty much how I received it from Lone Industries.
  • It includes an extra solid black side panel and all of the mounting hardware.
G-Unique Limited Edition Power Supply (With 2 Dell Bricks), NEW - $140 shipped (SOLD)
  • Purchased the following from Gury last summer: Type-C basic edition with limited edition upgrade (default cables only), GX12DC jack, 2 "unlimited" modded dell bricks.
  • I was going to use this in the L3 case above, but I never got around to updating my build.
  • Looking to sell this all together, but feel free to PM if you are interested in just a brick or something.
ASRock Z270M-ITX/ac, NEW - $150 shipped
  • Brand new and has never been used.
Corsair SF600, NEW - $100 shipped (SOLD)
  • Brand new and has never been used.

Please contact me and or reply below if you have any questions.

I am also in the process of making some SFF build changes and will have some more stuff coming up in the near future.

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Mar 21, 2020
jaagdijot, the package arrived safely today!

The parts were very nicely packaged, thank you. I'd be happy to trade with you again any time!
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