Image Credit – ETA PRIME
ETA PRIME has tested the Intel ARC A310 Single Slot Low Profile card from Sparkle. Coming in at $99 and being just about as small as you can get, the card manages some impressive performance in older titles, as well as in Forza 5. In his test, ETA PRIME uses a Minisforum MS01 mini-PC. Check out his video below.
While ETA PRIME doesn’t delve into it in his video, one thing to consider with the ARC based cards is that their media engines are giving impressive performance in content creation. The A310 has twin codec engines that support AV1 encode and decode, which make it an ideal choice for editing that can take...

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Sep 24, 2016
He's about to release another video about a much more interesting low profile, single slot card in a month or so... 😅
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Nov 18, 2021
I certainly know that Tech Notice is praising the Intel Arc series a lot for its massive advantages for creators, esp. video editing, if you dont care about gaming.

He even released a big multi-GPU test video at the begin of this year, one might check it out here: