Image Credit – ETA Prime
ETA Prime has taken a look at the AliExpress sourced G2 Mini Gaming PC. The unit sports a RTX 3050 (Mobile) and Intel Core i7-12700H. The system has a 150 watt power cap, and provided surprisingly good 1080P and 1440P performance in games at medium to high settings. High Settings at 1080P in Spider-Man Mile Morales was easily locked at above 60FPS for example.
The unit, which looks to my eye quite a bit like the old Asus GR8 line, comes in at rather reasonable $679 for the bare bones unit. However, do take note that 4GB of graphics memory is very, very...

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John Morrison. Founder and Team Leader of SFF.N
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Jun 19, 2015
Seems a bit lacking on front IO, but the price/perf is actually pretty decent IMHO.
NZ$1150 for the base barebones in that form factor (with a custom board for this unit) is an acceptable price.
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