EKWB has launched a new “MOMENTUM² Monoblock” for the ROG Strix X670E-ITX, encompassing CPU and VRM cooling in one schmick looking unit.
Gone are the days of monoblocks covering CPU and chipset, with today’s M.2 stacks sharing heatsinkage with the chipset, the next target of cooling is the VRM section. This is also a boon with modern, uber-thirsty, processors. In this instance, the block connects to the existing VRM heatsink and cools the power delivery section indirectly. This indirect cooling, however, still appears to work well, with EK claiming a greater than 20°C improvement over the stock air cooled VRM heatsink.
Featuring (D-)RGB (of course), a nickel-plated copper base and cast acrylic & plexi upper, the block should add some style to any watercooled SFF rig.
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Aug 15, 2019
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