NOTE: This is a press release. It presented exactly as the company released it with no editing by SFF.N. In this instance, COLORFUL’s wording is unchanged and presented as they wrote it. The photos are in the same place they were in the original Press Release where possible. All photo credit is COLORFUL’s. 
Colorful Technology Company Limited, a professional manufacturer of graphics cards, motherboards, all-in-one gaming and multimedia solutions, and high-performance storage, proudly announces the new COLORFIRE MEOW Series which consists of a graphics card, motherboard, and chassis. The MEOW Series feature two designs, MEOW ORANGE featuring Bobi the orange tabby cat and MEOW PURPLE featuring A+ the British shorthair cat.
COLORFIRE is a new brand dedicated to products inspired by popular gaming lifestyles. Today, PC gaming is a growing culture that is beyond the machine. Gaming now involves fusion with other lifestyles that aims to be trendy, unique, and inspiring. COLORFIRE gets...

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@nestopesto pointed out in Discord that the given dimensions of the GPUs don't match between this verbatim press release and COLORFUL's own product pages.
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