Asrock products with Ryzen R1000 Embedded CPU/SoC

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by AlexTSG, Apr 17, 2019 at 4:11 AM.

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    AMD has announced their Ryzen R1000 CPUs. These are Zen+ cores with Vega 3 graphics.

    While most people will only see these SoCs in devices like the upcoming Atari VCS and Smach Z handheld, I received information from Asrock Industrial earlier about new products they have featuring the AMD R1000.

    Here's the preliminary info on the Asrock iBOX-R1000 and NUC-R1000 for those that are interested:

    More info on the Ryzen R1000 here:,39082.html
  2. Donut

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    A 1.8L fanless Ryzen system! This is really exciting news. I can only hope that Asrock does more with the form factor (with 4 core embedded processors, for instance).
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    AMD does have a more powerful 4 core SoC. It’s the V1000:

    I mostly work with industrial small form factor PCs which are generally fanless and have low power consumption, but I’d love to see a V1000 version of this for personal use.
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    Right, the the V1000 chips were the ones I had in mind when I mentioned the 4 core processors before. :)

    As far as I'm aware, there aren't any NUC form-factor boards with V1000 processors yet. There's a Sapphire board in the Mini-STX form factor, and the Udoo Bolt that is somewhere in between Mini-STX and NUC in terms of size. Hopefully, Asrock will fill this void. The V1605B in particular (4 cores, 8 threads, Vega 8 iGPU, same 12-25W TDP as these new R1000 chips) seems like it would fit nicely into a fanless NUC-sized PC.
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    I just spotted that these APUs have dual 10GbE MACs integrated, which makes it especially disappointing that the ASRock version uses Realtek 1GbE controllers for its networking. That would have made for an amazing PFSense box.
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    Amazing motherboard in terms of size and layout. The best I've ever seen. I want AsRock to do it with V1807B, but I think it is impossible, just a dream :)