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Enclosure 486 front panel 1:2 for InWin Chopin 2018-04-29

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Apr 28, 2018
iPeg submitted a new resource:

486 front panel 1:2 for InWin Chopin - Makes a Chopin ITX case look like a tiny oldschool PC

This can be 3D Printed in SLS Polyamide and fits an inWin Chopin ITX case, no screws required. LEDs, Powerbutton and front panel clicks right in.

This is a reworked version of V1 that I printed where I strenghtend the clips - it should now hold on tighter to the Chopin's frame. But I have never printed this version.

Fair warning: My USB/Audio board was a bit bent out of shape and after some wiggeling I got it into position. In this V2 file I changed the positions of the USB holes to fit...

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Jun 19, 2015
FYI, it's around US$39 to print in PLA with Shapeways after converting the file to .stl, or about US$70 in Shapeways strong/flexible
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