1. B

    ZS-A4 Package A or B?

    I am looking into buying an ZS-A4 of Taobao. There is only one buying option at the moment Package A but before there was a Package B as well. Does anyone know the difference between them and if they own a ZS-A4 to share opinion about the case?
  2. ImmaculateDoge

    Enclosure CustomMod FLEX mini 4.5L - experiences with this case? (rev. 4.2)

    So the CustomMod cases seem pretty popular here, has anyone built specifically in their 4.5-liter mini case? After hours of research comparing various options, especially the ZS-A4m, CustomMod's case seemed the best option, especially since they include a riser and give the option of their...
  3. C

    Experience with a ZS-S4 ?

    I saw this Dancase A4 clone on another thread from Taobao: Link Does anyone have experience buying a one? I'm wondering if they ship to the US and whether it is as good as it looks.