1. R

    CPU Asrock X300 with Monitor - sound problem

    Some time ago I have build my Asrock X300. I worked perfectly with a Samsung monitor connected via HDMI, and the sound worked perfectly with headset, sound via ears and sound out via microphone using the front panel connectors. Recently bought AOC 24P2Q Monitor. This monitor is also connected...
  2. Curiosity

    Other X300-M(AX) case F3D file 1.0

    F3D file for the X300MAX case, 5.7ish Liters depending on the side panel used. Cutout for an XT60 connector at the rear for power out, uses a 3W3 Dsub connector for power in, ideally pins on the case side. Specifically designed for use with the Corsair XR5 radiator, and even then will require a...
  3. fabio

    Closed [DK-EU] NFC S4T Mini Workstation - 550EUR + Shipment

    I sell my unique small workstation! Barely used! NFC System S4Tiny Case with box, etc. ASRock X300TN-ITX ThinITX (Support AMD 5700G as well - All cables included) AMD Ryzen 5700G Crucial Ballistix 32GB DDR3200MHz Memory Crucial P5 NVME SSD 500GB BlackRidge CPU Cooler HDPlex 400W 2.0 (Samsung...

    Completed DSX1 - DeskMini Series X Game Console Style Case - STX with internal PSU and GPU Support

    REVOCCASES DSX1 Game Console DIY Case for AsRock Deskmini A300/X300 Build your own Xbox Series X: Prototype review by GucksTV: DSX1 DIY Complete Set includes: DSX1 Case (space grey metallic powder coated Aluminum) MEANWELL RPS-400-12-C Power Supply GxR Load Switch Module ADT R43-ML...

    News Asrock Deskmini X300

    https://www.asrock.com/nettop/AMD/DeskMini%20X300%20Series/index.asp#Specification Shame that they probably again don't offer the boards without a case...
  6. Thestarkiller32

    Motherboard AM4 mITX Chipset

    Hi, I'm planning a Build in a RVZ02 and the question is: [X370/B350] OR [X300/A300] because the 4 now available Mainboards are mostly junk in terms of Vcore temps, layout and specs....:( So sould we simply take a bag of SoonTM and wait for the holiday launch of Raven Ridge + X300?