Production REVOCCASES - RCC-MID1 | industrial style case with 180mm fan and rad support

    REVOCCASES - RCC-MID1 | SFF mini-ITX DIY Case a unique industrial style case with focus on good thermals and low noise pre-orders and more info: Specs: Dimensions: 296x197x197mm // 11,5 liter , vertical or horizontal orientation CPU cooler clearance: <=106mm with SFX PSU /...

    Production RCC-BIG1 | vertical small footprint 13L SFF case | supports 300mm 2.5 Slot GPUs and NH-L12S

    Introducing REVOCCASES - RCC-BIG1 | vertical 13l wind-tunnel SFF case - RTX3080 FE ready for orders and more info: Many thanks to hi9x for sharing some pictures of his awesome build and confirming that the RTX3080FE works well in the BIG1!