water cooling case

  1. XTIA Design Studio

    Production 16.5L ATX Mobo, ATX PSU, XTIA new Case XPROTO-ATX

    It has been 7 months since XPROTO-Mini was released. From then to now, We are cheerful to received recognition from many clients for this product. At the same time, many clients put forward the need for ATX or MATX motherboards to us. After months of design and multiple rounds of testing, this...
  2. WH-team

    Prototype Sans MK II-10.3L 240/280AIO low airflow resistance case-prototype updated

    It`s update for Sans MK1. Because it hasn't been improved for a long time, and it has been discontinued for some time. As one of the earlier chassis that can support AIO water cooling equipment. Sans MK1 was very popular until competitive models of its kind were gradually born. So I recently...
  3. AdamAlex

    Completed Custom mATX Case made by Parvum(S2.5)

    Hi, this is my case in which I will build my water cooling system, Is made by Parvum, is based on the S2.5 but with small differences. The theme for the build is Titanfall 2, I just presented the project to the guys at Parvum and a couple of emails back an forward we come up with this case. I...