vertically orientated gpu

  1. dieaready

    Prototype Updraft - 16.8L vertical chimney for large air coolers

    I'm relatively new to the SFF world and I've not been able to find a case to my preference so I decided to design my own. I prefer air coolers and am fairly obsessed with efficiency, so my focus is on a case that would fit the biggest air coolers with no thermal recirculation, especially between...
  2. jabcoebi

    Completed Small footprint open ITX frame using 10mm MakerBeam extrusions

    Hi everyone, I've been in the shadow on the forum for a long time and this is my first thread here. Just want to share my design with all of you. This frame is made using 10mm MakerBeam extrusion profiles, the profiles are of fixed length and tapped at both ends. The assembly process is easy...
  3. M

    Concept [IDEA] Small footprint Tower case with Vertically orientated Full-length GPU and NO visible Vents

    Since I wasn't able to find the perfect case that would fill all requirements I had, I decided to sketch a layout for the case which has small area footprint that is mostly quadratic (depth and width are similar), does not have vents at the front, top or on the sides of the case, supports...