tower case

  1. LegoFab

    Prototype byAnh - LegoFab T1, Premium Tower Case, Designed to Store Your Dreams.

    After long silent time, byAnh (Rolexus) come back with a reality, premium case project: LegoFab T1. Important notices: Please visit our website, register for more detail information and latest news: Official website Visit Nuclear Triad Project to wait for cheap mini PC case.
  2. M

    Concept [IDEA] Small footprint Tower case with Vertically orientated Full-length GPU and NO visible Vents

    Since I wasn't able to find the perfect case that would fill all requirements I had, I decided to sketch a layout for the case which has small area footprint that is mostly quadratic (depth and width are similar), does not have vents at the front, top or on the sides of the case, supports...
  3. S

    Concept SFF Tower case gaming PC

    Hey guys! I want to share with you my idea. Maybe here it will be interesting to someone. A little background. I started to monitor different startups, starting with N-CASE, then DAN CASES a4-sfx, NFC S4 MINI, DR ZABER CENTRY. These are very cool projects and they are unique each in its own...
  4. K888D

    Concept Lazer3D ST8 - Adaptable Volume Slim Tower Case

    I was recently asked by a customer to create a version of the infamous GTEK Tenuis case, its an absolutely gorgeous design. The proposed concept is influenced by the Tenuis, but at the same time it has its own unique features, construction, layout and aesthetics. I have been in touch with the...