1. _ONE_

    Motherboard Smallest/Thinest motherboard with atx ability?

    Hello! For my future prototype I would like to know what is the smallest and thinest possible motherboard deal. But Including desktop cpu socket and at least a pci-e x4 for connecting a decent gpu (1060 and more) I heard about stx and thin itx Stx are perfect in size but seems limited with...
  2. BaK

    XSPC Launches TX Series Ultra Thin Radiators

    Let me relay here an info @Wahaha360 published in the [H] forum: The world's thinnest available PC radiators at just 20.5 mm thick Available in 120mm, 240mm, 360mm and 480mm sizes.
  3. aquelito

    Thin mini-ITX powered PCIe riser 4x to 16x

    Hi everyone, @BillBaroud and I partnered with C_Payne from [H] to design and develop a reversed thin mini-ITX PCIe riser, allowing you to add a discrete GPU to your thin mini-ITX system. We have currently 5 risers for sale. We also have a 16x to 16x riser available. We are asking 35€ per...
  4. TheInternal

    Starting my first SFF in over 8 years.

    Howdy all. I just discovered this forum, so I figured I'd post where I am in my current research. I already have a i7-6700k I got a great deal on, as well as a Samsung 950 Pro 512 GB M.2 NVMe SSD on the way. I'd like to build a small system that looks more like a console or piece of A/V...