1. M

    Cooling 120mm Case Fan Testing in Sliger S610 Case

    Having recently completed comparison testing of the Sliger S610 case in both normal and inverted orientation at it was apparent that this particular single case fan arrangement would allow me to compare...
  2. Analogue Blacksheep

    Cooling Thermalright SI-100

    New Thermalright cooler: 99.8mm tall, looks the business. Product page:

    News Thermalright releases the Silver Soul 110 Tower Cooler

    Thermalright just released another interesting Tower Cooler for the SFF community: the Silver Soul 110 As the name suggests it comes at a total height of 110mm, features 5 heatpipes and is equipped with an 92x25mm 2500RPM fan. Thermalright claims a "Dynamic Thermal Power Capacity" of 90 ~ 200W...

    Cooling Review: Thermalright AXP90-X36 - new 36mm cooler

    Just found that Thermalright released another version of their AXP90 cooler series: AXP90-X36 This time only 36mm tall, including a backplate and improved mounting on AMD motherboards (fin orientation / airflow is not blocked by the RAM) Product page on (China)...
  5. jack1940

    This may be the most suitable air-coolers radiator for ncase M1 at present.SilverArrow 130

    These are its compatibility with 299 itx, and there are many pictures. The conclusion is that the compatibility is very good. Thermalright SilverArrow 130 H=130mm TDP=240W 12 cm fan can be installed Disadvantage: 1.Fan iron wire clips are...
  6. M

    Thermalright new radiators is on sale.New ITX radiators and new HR22.

    Should I post it here? Anyway, Thermalright has released several radiators, the official website has not yet, but it can be bought at taobao.(Chinese shopping website) Currently only sold in China, other regions need to wait. Let's see what it is. 1.Thermalright Silver...
  7. Thehack

    Cooling Thermalright TY-100R Fan (100mm)

    Anybody interested in buying one? Thermalright is willing to sell me a bunch and I'll resell them for $16 each shipped USA. I'll need 8-10 interested buyers So far only the black/red versions are available.
  8. GuilleAcoustic

    .SKP Thermalright HR-02 1.0

    Note: I haven't modeled the retention brackets, yet. This will come in a futur update.
  9. Necere

    .SKP Thermalright AXP-100 2015-12-16

    Sketchup model of the Thermalright AXP-100 (Muscle variant) low profile top-down CPU cooler. Total height: 58mm.