This may be the most suitable air-coolers radiator for ncase M1 at present.SilverArrow 130

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    These are its compatibility with 299 itx, and there are many pictures. The conclusion is that the compatibility is very good.

    Thermalright SilverArrow 130



    12 cm fan can be installed

    Disadvantage: 1.Fan iron wire clips are not universal
    2.Not Reflow soldering

    (Some insiders say there will be relevant improved versions)
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    Damn, I wish I had the money to play with X299 parts. Too bad they're so expensive. This cooler was what I've been looking for in a small tower cooler for a long time. 6 heatpipes and dual tower, 130mm tall (better than the Macho 90, which needed some ahem "love taps" to the top of the heatpipes in order to fit perfectly). If only this were black and supported standard 120mm fans, this would be an instant buy.