1. E

    .STEP Alphacool NexXxoS ST20 HPE STEP 2022-10-15

    Just sharing my simplified step files for the st20 140 and 280 variant Based off these sheets.
  2. hat1324

    Other NFC Systems S4T eGPU Adapter Assembly 1.0

    Contains SolidWorks files, STEP, DXF, and images detailing adapter bracket for an eGPU S4 Tiny setup. Parts used: KONYEAD Thunderbolt to NVME adapter ADT-LINK PCIE to NVME Adapter M2 x 4mm Standoffs M2 x 3mm Screws M3 x 4mm Screws NFC Systems S4T S4T GPU Transform UP Bracket HDPLEX GAN 250W...