1. Serf1r

    Funding CASEKRAKEN FLIP H1 - Cheapest stand

    Fixed: 1. In release stands, pci riser will be attached to the stand 2. We decided to add ventilation holes under power supply 3. Slightly changed the position of the holes for the ties / Velcro tape 4. Changed the mount for ssd, now you can put another one 5. Bracket for 120/92mm aio (and maybe...
  2. B

    Concept Double VESA monitor stand for DIY aioPC

    Hey, what about a minimalistic monitor stand on which you can mount a monitor in the front AND a itx case in the back. It will be universal as long as you have VESA mounte on both units. 1. Steel or Alu 2. Quick removable or solid screwed together 3. Handle for transport?! Please let me hear...