1. G

    Motherboard ECC SODIMM in DeskMini A300/X300

    Has anyone attempted to use ECC SODIMMs in the ASRock DeskMini A300 or X300? Does ECC work? Does the memory work in the A300/X300 at all? Does it boot? I've ordered a Ryzen 7 PRO 4750G, 64GB (2x 32GB) Micron DDR4 ECC SODIMM 3200Mhz and a DeskMini X300, hoping it'll play together.
  2. S

    Memory RGB SODIMM (16GB Module) Do they exist?

    Hello my name is Seki, I am trying to plan my next "Pro" build with a 9980XE in a SFF Case (watercooled). I am looking at a Asrock x299 ITX/AC motherboard which features SODIMM Slots. I plan to have 64GB of RAM (SODIMM), However I am a guy who would like to show off my components and for that I...
  3. VegetableStu

    Memory DDR4 SODIMM Newz

    Original title: Good News: Corsair releases Vengeance quad-channel 32 GB DDR4-4000 SO-DIMM kit Bad news for some: they're full height and pretty steep ($595)