sliger sm560

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    Help on a Sliger SM560 Build

    I will be selling my current pc, in an H500i to build one in the sliger sm560. I travel to France every holiday and having a big case like the h500i is not ideal. Current Part list: Case: Sliger SM560 (vented sides) Motherboard: B450I GAMING PLUS AC CPU: Ryzen 3600 CPU Cooler: Noctua NH-L9A...
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    First SFF, Sliger SM560 build, opinions?

    I've been patiently waiting for the Sliger EU distributor to be set up as I've been eyeing up sm560 or cerberus ever since I first laid eyes on them, and I've noticed distributor's website has been updated (but is currently out of stock). This will be my first build, and I will unfortunately...
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    Selling Sliger SM560, Alpenfohn Black Ridge

    Hello all, I'm looking to part ways with my Sliger SM560 and Alpenfohn Black Ridge. I'm looking to ship in the US only (local is 11207). The case is in great condition, the only issue is that the screws for the top panel are stripped. The Black Ridge's AM4 bracket was modified to fit with my...