1. Wahaha360

    Prototyping Sidearmd T1, CNC + AIO + 9.35L

    Update 2019-10-29 : anodizing has to be redone 😭, so I took some photos. Update 2019-10-25 : production case looks stunning, but anodizing is bad, need to redo 😭. Some days you just want to cry, need to send most panels back because the anodizing has problems. Update 2019-10-09 ...
  2. Necere

    Stalled NCASE Project Sidearm

    There's an in-progress thread over on [H], but since quite a few people are more active on SFN these days I thought I would crosspost it here. This is an idea we've been batting around for a while for a somewhat more portable, show-off friendly SFF case. I had done several iterations already...