1. D

    Selling SOLD [US-NY] Eisbaer LT pump with rad, custom fittings, Noctua 120x15 fans, reservoir for Formd T1. 175 shipped.

    [EDIT]: Sale Pending SOLD I've got A full CPU cooling setup to custom cool a Formd T1 case. An Eisbaer LT pump block, a slim 240mm Alphacool radiator, 4 3/8x1/2 Alphacool compression fittings, 2 90 degree alphacool 3/8 x 1/2 compression fittings and 2 Noctua slim line 15mm x 120mm fans also a...
  2. Wahaha360

    Production FormD T1 Classic (READ FIRST POST)

    2021-03-31: T1V1.1 orders will reopen 2021-04-01 8AM PST! 2021-03-22: T1V1.1 orders will open 2021-03-24 8AM PST! 2020-02-24: T1 V1.1 in stock, available to Priority Customers *only and soon! We plan to offer multiple priority batches, to qualify for Priority BATCH 1: - you must have had an...
  3. Necere

    Stalled NCASE Project Sidearm

    There's an in-progress thread over on [H], but since quite a few people are more active on SFN these days I thought I would crosspost it here. This is an idea we've been batting around for a while for a somewhat more portable, show-off friendly SFF case. I had done several iterations already...