1. Wahaha360

    Production FormD-T1 (Sidearmd), CNC + AIO + 9.5L

    Update: changed brand name due to banking reasons - Sidearmd was flagged because it's close to firearms 🤔 Update 2020-04-06 : Preorder Update! We sold out of T1V1 inventory (China only due to shipping limitations), will take preorders JUNE for T1V1.1 via We are expecting...
  2. Necere

    Stalled NCASE Project Sidearm

    There's an in-progress thread over on [H], but since quite a few people are more active on SFN these days I thought I would crosspost it here. This is an idea we've been batting around for a while for a somewhat more portable, show-off friendly SFF case. I had done several iterations already...