sff pc case

  1. Theez

    Production Theez Designs - HUMBLE - customisable sub 7L cube case

    After the introduction post it only felt right to share with you an in depth look and some key information about HUMBLE. The case is now in production and available to order at www.theezdesigns.com Clearance diagram: You can get HUMBLE in any color you wish, even differently colored...
  2. T

    What's the most SFF friendly white LED kit?

    I'm doing a very elaborate SFF build and I want to light up the inside with some white LEDs. The problem I've always had with LED strips though is that they come with a controller and they need a power adapter or a splitter. I simply cannot make room for that in my build. I was hoping someone...
  3. BernardoZ

    Stalled Z-CASE P50 v1.1: Innovative console-style SFF PC case

    IMPORTANT (September 5): We are not associated with SFFTEC anymore, and we don't intend to sell another P50 batch. So for now, this thread should be focused on eventual reviews only. Z-CASE P50 is an innovative console-style SFF PC case, manufactured by Jonsbo with premium materials. At 7.9L...