1. O

    Anti statch sleeve for case with acrylic?

    Has anyone heard of something like this or something similar? I have a Salvo s401 with the custom acrylic sides that I'm going to put to use soon and want to try to prevent them from sratching over time as best as I can. I plan to throw it in something like a duffle bag and for all of the...
  2. Simwalh

    [Scratch Build] It's finally done! Custom case, custom watercooling, custom cables, custom everythin

    I recently built my first gaming pc by myself, and it was great fun. But now that I'm done, there is a large gap in me that needs to be filled! So i first thought about watercooling (just for looks really), but the watercooling support of mitx cases (mine in particular) is either rather poor, or...
  3. Minefoxi

    Prototype [Scratch Build]Project REAL CUBE (Back online, V3.0 soon)

    My first Scratch Build wooden PC Case: PROJECT REAL CUBE Maximum Specifications and Features: ●ITX Motherboard (i7 7700K (i7 5960X) + 32GB RAM) ●ITX Style (17cm length) Mini Graphics Card (GB GTX1080) ●SFX Power Supply Unit ●Slim Slot-Loading Optical Drive (DVD/Blu-Ray) ●Decent...