Anti statch sleeve for case with acrylic?


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Mar 30, 2019
Has anyone heard of something like this or something similar?
I have a Salvo s401 with the custom acrylic sides that I'm going to put to use soon and want to try to prevent them from sratching over time as best as I can. I plan to throw it in something like a duffle bag and for all of the accessories like controllers I'm going to use clam shell cases to keep those in good shape; but for the case itself I'm unsure of how to handle unless I find a bag where the PC can go in it's own compartment without wasting too much space of the overall container. I just want to see if I can get something that will protect the acrylic as some of the accessories (i.e. keyboard, cables, etc.) that will most likely need to go in the same compartment inevitably slide around during transport over time.

Obviously I will put as much as I can in side compartments, like the controllers will probably fit there even with their shells, but somethings like the keyboard most likely will only fit in the main compartment with the PC itself.

Has anyone played around with this issue before?

Any particular bags, sleeves, covers, etc that ended up working for you.