ryzen itx

  1. E

    Recommended HDPLEX PSU for my setup

    Hey guys, how are u? Next month I'll buy a Skyreach case, and i'm in doubt about the best hdplex psu for my system. Could u help me? Ryzen 7 - 1700 Gigabyte GTX 970 mini GA-AB350N-Gaming-WIFI Corsair Vengeance LED Red 16GB 2x8 (does it fits?XD) I saw about hdplex 400, but i think it's too...
  2. Windfall

    Stalled 3.5L HTPC Case- Made for Ryzen!

    This is my current project, the HTPC One. It's designed for Ryzen APUs and the HDPlex 160. It uses a C8 connector (c14 is too tall). PEMSERTS are used for the motherboard and holding the side panel on. It will use (If I get enough support to go into production) @Josh | NFC's machined power...
  3. Thestarkiller32

    Cooling RVZ02 Window edition Max CPU Cooler Height

    Hello, I'm planing now ruffly 2 months on my Ryzen mITX build and I just realized that the sidepanel window isn't flush with the rest... Will then a 65mm cooler still fit?! (。ŏ_ŏ)