ryzen 5 3600

  1. L

    Ophion R3600 AC Build Log

    Hi there! I'm happy to share with you my first SFF build. Well, maybe not so SFF if we compare it with these super small cases we see nowadays. But it's SFF if I compare it with the last Gozilla I built (CM HAF 932 + AIO 280mm + Intel Xeon + RAID5 + SLI). I want the post to be a build log. A...
  2. freckerbium

    I revised my SG-13 based on some feedback here. Take a look?

    I'm wondering if there are better (i.e. faster / quieter) options for fans out there that maybe I'm not aware of? I did my best to compare. Open to any suggestions about anything, not just fans :p This was my first post (everyone was super helpful)...