1. cleveland

    Discussion Going smaller than k39

    Hi, all! I dunno if there's another place where this question belongs, so here it goes: For various reasons, I'm building a DC-input e-sports PC: H110tn-m + GTX 1050 + sata (sort of) powered riser. As stated, this is not meant to be a "HaRdCoRe gAmInG RiG™" and most of the parts are just...
  2. Arc_Lag

    Discussion PSU recommendations?

    Hi there! I'm planning on making a build which consists of a 3080 TUF Gaming OC 10GB and a 5900x All inside a SFF case, but I couldn't figure...
  3. dreyco676

    Power Supply Recommended SFX PSU's around 500W?

    Parts Picker is giving me like 5 options, none with reviews. I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a 500w PSU that is relatively quiet and modular?
  4. P

    Power Supply Recommended Flex ATX PSU - What should I be buying?

    I am currently designing a new case for my first ever SFF rig, originally I was going to use a G-Unique 500Watt DC-DC PSU but seeing as after taking all components into consideration a Flex ATX PSU wouldn't be much smaller I've decided that I'm better off using a 500Watt fully internal Flex ATX...