1. Mtthwmths

    Raijintek Metis in Green

    I recently moved my build into the Metis Plus while I am waiting on my sweet Custom_MOD Mini from sergiiua and wanted to keep a record on here of the experience. This is my first build using mostly Used parts. I got the cpu, mobo, and gpu from /r/hardwareswap. The psu, ssd, and case were bought...
  2. jmarin

    The "FN-2187" Build, Raijintek Metis Plus, Phase 1.5

    This isn't my first small form factor build, but it is as a member of this site. I had previously stuck a mini-ITX intel atom board inside an old NES, but that was roughly 10 years ago now, and before that did a micro ATX build. Inexplicably, I went back to ATX with my dual Radeon 5770 build in...
  3. N

    Buying Raijintek thetis side panel

    Hi folks! I`ve bought amazing Raijintek Thetis Window case. But shipping company had broken one side glass panel. May be some of you who had aluminium version of the case used it opened, and could sell one panel to me? Kind regards!
  4. AcquaCow

    Raijintek Thetis: Another small ATX case

    I was tipped off to this in the small ATX Ncase thread and decided to take the plunge and see what kind of sacrifices I need to make when moving into a similarly small case if Ncase does produce an ATX version. I've rebuilt the insides of this case 3 or 4 times in this thread, I'll post a...
  5. zillatron


    Hello! I mentioned here that about 15 years ago, I ditched PC's and Windows and switched to the Mac (a 12” iBook!) and OS X as my every day driver, I also switched to consoles for gaming. At PAX 2014 I was totally overwhelmed to see just how much had changed in the world of PC’s during my...