Closed GxR-DIY 600W / 12V Load Switch / First Edition

    I still have a few (first edition) GxR-DIY Load Switch Modules available which might be interesting for some of your DIY projects (not only for PC but maybe also for Arduino, RC, 3D Printing, etc...?) Asking for: EUR 15,- plus shipping (about EUR 17,50 per UPS to all major countries)...

    Production GxR-ONE ATX PLUGIN PSU / a (G)UNIQUE and (R)EVOLUTIONARY power solution / RTX3080 ready

    G-UNIQUE and REVOCCASES have teamed up to bring you a (G)UNIQUE and (R)EVOLUTIONARY power solution for your SFF build. GxR-ONE - a 600W DC-ATX PLUGIN PSU Limited quantity now on stock! Technical Data: Input: 12VDC (11.8VDC~12.3VDC) max 50A PCBA overall dimensions (mm): 38H x 55W x 14D...

    Stalled REVOCCASES RCC-PWR1 / ATX PLUG-IN 400W DC-DC power supply (PICOPSU)

    This project has been stalled in favour of the new 600W plug-in: GxR-ONE
  4. Thehack

    Prototype J-HACK PLUGin 200X

    Hello, I am currently working on a PLUGin board that is available in 200W version. This total board power competes with the HDPLEX 200W, but lacks PCIe. It will be produced in anticipation AMD's new 4000 series APU, ready for overclocking. SPECS: All new, J-HACK custom designed from the ground...
  5. Thehack

    Concept ONE2 AC-DC and DC-ATX Boards - a 12V family

    Concept thread for ONE2 Plugin DC Boards. 150W Model? 250W Model? Would pair nicely with the ONE2 Distro 400. Any features you guys are interested in?