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  1. D

    CPU ITX boards with SlimSAS PCIe?

    I was watching the ITX Epyc video by LTT a few moments ago when I saw Linus point at something obviously not a PCIe slot and say that this is a PCIe connector. Some googling later, and I have learnt that these are SlimSAS connectors. From what I understand, these can provide what is basically a...
  2. D

    Discussion Any suggestions on enhancing pcie extender ribbon cable shielding?

    I have several of these FPC (Flat Printed Circuit) ribbon cable M.2 M-key extenders, see this as an example of the most recent unit I have tested: These are great because of their compact size and will always fit well underneath sandwiched GPUs and such extremely tight SFF environments...
  3. BaK

    CPU Louque PCIe riser

    No more available at Amazon: Any clue if there is still a way to order one somewhere? Or any similar riser made of discrete cables? PCIe3 will do.
  4. T

    Part Velka 3 Riser Cable

    Hello, I just wanted to ask, if you could use another riser cable for the Velka 3? I thought I could maybe use another brand and pre-ordered it and saw afterwards that many say that you need the cable... Would be awesome if you guys could help me here. I don't find any other Li-Heat D type...

    Giveaway - LINKUP Ultra PCIE4.0 Riser Cable (The True Gen4 Designed for Gen4))

    Hi SFF members! After extensive testing and development, we want to invite only registered SFF members to participate in the LINKUP PCIE4.0 Riser Giveaway. By participating, you will have the chance to get a free LINKUP PCIE4.0 Riser Cable (+ free shipping). We have limited stock dedicated...
  6. L

    Motherboard PCIe raisers 3.0 and 570 chipset motherboards

    Hii there. I have looking for cases during the last week and I did realise that some cases layouts moves the GPU so that a PCIe riser is needed. Most of the cases I have read about come with one rises for PCIe 3 x16. The build I'm planning is an AMD AM4 (Ryzen 5 or 7) and a 570 ITX...
  7. A

    Dan A4 - riser cable on the GPU side?

    How dangerous / stupid this is..? GPU riser cable is set on the GPU side, behind the plastic separator When GPU is inserted, it's resting on the plastic separator, but is not tight too much. I'm just looking at it and wonder how stable that plastic is, since it's touching GPU metal backplate?
  8. K

    PCIE Riser Causing BSOD in Dan A4-sfx v3

    Hello all, Today I just finished building my new ITX build using 3700x, rog strix X570-I and 5700 XT in a Dan A4 -sfx v3. When installing graphics card driver I encountered constant BSODs, so I cannot enter windows afterwards. I searched online and found the issue might be related to the PCIE...
  9. F

    Other In search for a PCIe Riser Card that doesn't block the Audioports of the Motherboard

    I guess you know those riser cards: https://www.delock.de/produkte/S_89105/merkmale.html They would be a good alternative to flexible risers but in my testing the PCIe bracket of a two slots graphics cards collides with the Audio Ports of a normal layout mini itx board just barely but just too...
  10. yawacool

    Prototype Our activity began :Get it is completely free, SLI Bridge 20cm and kits containing PCIe flat cable,

    Get it is completely free, SLI Bridge 20cm and kits containing PCIe flat cable, For excellent assembly fun, we are ready to launch SLI Bridge 20cm and kits with PCIe flat cables. We organize this event and hope everyone will like it. Both designs must use this package group: LukeD...