open source

  1. Supercluster

    News Open Source Hardware in SFF

    More security, faster technology integration,... Excited to be witnessing the early spring, of open source hardware!
  2. Warmaster

    Concept OpenCase - Modular, Open Source, Mini-ITX Case

    I'm designing an open source mini itx case, and I need your help to accomplish this major goal. This is in an alpha state, but I always wanted to start the project with the help of the community so it becomes the product of the people. This project can be used for commercial purposes, anyone...
  3. cokeeffekt

    Production YASFF - Open Source, small(6.4L), basic, low cost. With Source!

    Introduction My first taste of the small form factor world was the Dell Alienware Alpha it was tiny, this has served me well for the last few years. Now I want more, but I also want a bit of a challenge. I’m a software engineer so open source is always a big thing for me so I thought I have a...
  4. T

    Completed Open source Case: 4.5L flex case Type Zero

    I made this case about 2 years ago and sold a dozen in China, after several version upgrade, this is a pretty solid design already, I do not want do any case business(customer service is sucks, and do not really make money), thus I put this case open source. Before you download: 1.I gave up all...