noctua l9i

  1. axtran

    Cooling NA-FD1 + NH-L9i vs. IS-47K?

    I'm putting together a Dan A4 build to reduce some weight when I'm traveling. I have a few different cooling options available to me right now, including the Asetek 645LT, an NH-L9i, and a IS-47K. Noctua recently released a fan ducting kit (nice foam) for the NH-L9i/L9a to be ducted to the...
  2. I

    Cpu cooling

    Hi guys! I’m about to do my first sff buid. I have a i5 6600k ( more than 65 tdp) and more keen to use the noctua 9li . For the noise, price and Because its easier to install when compared with the liquid coolers. Do you think will keep the temps acceptable or should I get liquid cooling ...
  3. S

    Dan Case - cpu cooler fin orientation

    Hello, I am building in the Dan Case A4 sfx v4. I have 2 noctua NF-A9x14 on the bottom of the case as intake. I am using the NH-L9i as my cpu cooler. My question is, should I install the cooler fins perpendicular or parallel to the ram for the optimal air flow? Thanks.
  4. Crossfire Machines

    Cooling Noctua NH-L9i - Unboxing

    Hello everyone! I received my Noctua NH-L9i cooler today and - again - decided to take a few pictures for anyone interested :D Its my first time receiving the "Noctua Experience", really impressed by the pure premium feel of it. For most users here this post doesnt contain something new, but I...
  5. Halfdan

    Selling Dell 330W adapter [EU]

    Image: Asking 60 euro + shipping.
  6. M

    Cryorig C7 vs. Noctua L9i (with and without fan duct)

    Hi team, I considered the C7 and the L9i for a DAN A4 SFX v3 build. I didn't know which one I would prefer so I tried both. I'm sharing my findings in case it helps someone. TL;DR: If you can tolerate the weird fan noise get the C7. Otherwise get the L9i but make a fan duct. Temperature I...
  7. BrotherStein

    Cooling Noctua "Black Out" Chromax Line

    These look amazing! NOTE: Skip to 00:50
  8. H

    Abnormal Idle Temp - i5-8400 & NH-L9i (65c avg w/ ASUS Z370i)

    Hi SFF-Forum, im having really weird temperature issues with my build below: SilverWolf (Skyreach 4 Mini) This is with MCE, Turbo & Sidestep disabled. i5-8400 & Noctua L9i idle Temp in a Skyreach 4 Mini (R2) --- EDIT - TLDR - Problem...