1. riba2233

    Log Riba's 14L N-ATX water-cooled build - 3700x + Vega64

    Hi everyone, I have finally done my dream build in N-ATX prototype. It is fully custom water cooled system with 360mm radiator with following specs: Ryzen 3700x Vega 64 B550i Aorus Focus Gold 1000W + Custom cables 2x8gb 3600cl16 G-skill trident Z 250gb 960 pro + 960gb A1000 Water cooling...
  2. riba2233

    Completed SFFtime presents: N-ATX - 14 L case with ATX mbo and psu, 4-slot gpu and 360mm rad support!

    Hi everyone, I am very excited to show you my new design I have been working on for a very long time. It is a 14 L case that shares same design language as P-ATX case, but with slightly larger dimensions and a lot of extra possibilities. One of the design goals for this case is that it should...