1. P

    Motherboard Intel 300-Series Mini-STX

    I was Just wondering if there will be any more (new) M-STX boards? The only ones currently available are the AsRock H110 and Q170 ones.
  2. B

    Win 10 mSTX Server

    Hello, It seems I'm not the only one who's interested in an STX build for network storage. I'm looking at stuffing four drives in a DeskMini 110W and since I've never done a server build (or something this compact) before I'm putting feelers out to make sure this is all do-able. SYSTEM...
  3. S

    Prebuilt MSI Trident

    I'm kinda surprised the MSI Trident hasn't seen any interest on here, not because of the package as a whole but because of the components it contains. The motherboard in particular seems very promising, from my estimation (pic below) its a mini STX board, but even if it is mITX it has a...
  4. jtd871

    Anandtech [AT] MSI CUBI2 mini-STX Systems Announced Edit: Dang! Should be [AT]. Mod - Fixed :)