1. bloodsprite

    Prototype Ultra-Minimalist Passive cooled 5.7L (305mm x 170mm x 105mm)

    Hay I made this because I wanted it desperately to exist; was wondering what others think? Is it something others want as well? I wanted a computer for having multiple virtual machines to replicate multiple server environments when computer programming, and taking to programmer/hacker events...
  2. Nouvolo

    Production Borg - SFF Cube PC Case with mini GPUs (RTX3060Ti)

    Borg - SFF Cube PC Case - Available now! Symmetry is Beauty Basic : available in 3 colors Matte Black / Metallic Grey / Frost White Addon option : mix and match different color top panel (with extra power switch module) Launch Special Offer : Early bird sign up, 1 set of free addon option...
  3. IMJP

    JP Artisan Advent series Solid Aluminium ITX computer enclosure; Final Development

    JP Artisan present Cable Management Pictures Advent Series is a small desktop ITX computer enclosure. With form over function in mind, this case is designed with a whole piece of 2mm aluminium sheet as the main housing (Shell). The case is not breaking any record for smallest or...