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    CPU & motherboard advice

    Hi all been a long time since ive build anything so need advice on motherboard/cpu combination. The PC will mostly be used for internet, office, video, downloading, a little Photoshop/illustrator. only gaming done is football manager and cities skyline- non-graphical games The PC is on all...
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    psu advice

    HI all i have a metallic gear mini itx case. it will fit a full size psu but I'm undecided whether to go with full size or sfx psu- my options are the corsair RMX 550- or the...
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    Metallicgear neo mini build

    HI all just the start of the project- this will take me a while. but got the case today, its available in the uk- and am very happy with it.Happy to answer any questions about it. installed 2x 140mm fans in the front and moved the 120mm provided fan to the rear. added a Samsung ssd. will be...