1. Dezroxx

    #NotABuildLog - Transplant with some added flair

    I purchased my Cerberus (non-X) at Christmas this past year, and have been slowly tweaking things over the past month, but with my new addition this week (RTX 2070) I thought I might share my own build and thoughts on some customization ideas I had for the case. My setup is mostly a transplant...
  2. T

    What's the most SFF friendly white LED kit?

    I'm doing a very elaborate SFF build and I want to light up the inside with some white LEDs. The problem I've always had with LED strips though is that they come with a controller and they need a power adapter or a splitter. I simply cannot make room for that in my build. I was hoping someone...
  3. GuilleAcoustic

    Other RGB must die 2018-10-19

    Let's all fight RGB invasion ! Thanks to @Choidebu and @el01 who made me discover this awesome gif.
  4. Therandomness

    News Our first (almost proper) look at Vega

    And the new 'Frontier' card. So basically just a reference card. But still: Now, lets hope for an RX Vega Nano. Top is liquid cooled. Read more here: http://hothardware.com/news/amd-radeon-rx-vega-unveiled-13-tflops-16gb-hbm2-4k60