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    Cooling What size/thread are the Noctua 25mm screws for 25mm fans on the NH L9a-AM4

    Hi everyone, I just finished my build in a Sliger SM550 earlier this week. To my horror, I realized I threw out the screws that came with the L9a which let me use a taller 25mm fan. Does anyone know what type of screw/length I need?
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    Noctua L9a with TY-100 Fan ideas closed Case and c7cu / std

    Hi, its André from Germany with English on Rookie. I have tested already to coolers: AXP-100 (i tried cause the Optic of an open cooler was that nice) with sawed of Alu below and fitted Fan below and 1-2mm Headroom to the closed Case. The sounding is close to the Noctua l9a. On Ryzen 5-2600 i...
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    Minimum Height of Noctua L9a CPU cooler + Motherboard?

    I am new here and this is my first post so apologies if this is in the wrong sub-section of the forum, I have a question and it's a really frustrating one to answer (For me at least), What is the approximate minimum height that an ITX Motherboard (Biostar X370 ITX for example) plus a Noctua L9a...