gtx1060 6gb

  1. goose1969x

    Pneuma: An InWin Chopin Brickless 1060 Build

    This has been a project of mine for the past 8 months waiting for different parts, test fitting a million times and modding a lot of things. It is not complete as I am going to make a mounting bracket for the GPU fan and run the cable inside to a header on the mobo; however, today marks a very...
  2. Skulland

    SFF Lenovo desktop graphics upgrade

    I've bought Lenovo M73 with an i5-4670 and 8gb RAM (which cost cost me only 140$). So, now I want to put inside some graphics to able to play games in 1080p. The PSU is 240W. Could you guys help me with the choice, the options are: -to buy GTX 1050ti 4GB Low Profile -to buy GTX 1060 6GB mini...
  3. B

    Prebuilt $850 i5 GTX1060 6gb laptop

    Hello guys. I want to buy a gaming laptop. So i was searching about budget ones, and I just found a really cheap i5 6300hq+GTX1060 6gb one, from a Chinese brand called Hasee. It seems like Hasee is a really famous brand in China, the 2nd biggest chinese pc manufacture. Here is the model...