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  1. eedev

    Log Newbie, or not to be - A FormD T1 Watercooled Build Log

    Hey mate! I feel like I'm closing in on this build, enough that I can share a few things with you, especially if you're one of these people who fell in love with the T1 or SFF in general and wants to do a watercooled build. This whole process started on March or April 2020... I had not built...
  2. L

    Log FormD T1 3070 build help - purchasing all parts

    Hi everyone I am looking on building my first portable gaming PC. Been a laptop user my entire life and I'm just tired of running everything on lowest resolution and switching laptops every 2-3 years plus not being able to replace parts. With Cyberpunk coming out I am deciding I need to get a...
  3. D

    Selling SOLD [US-NY] Eisbaer LT pump with rad, custom fittings, Noctua 120x15 fans, reservoir for Formd T1. 175 shipped.

    [EDIT]: Sale Pending SOLD I've got A full CPU cooling setup to custom cool a Formd T1 case. An Eisbaer LT pump block, a slim 240mm Alphacool radiator, 4 3/8x1/2 Alphacool compression fittings, 2 90 degree alphacool 3/8 x 1/2 compression fittings and 2 Noctua slim line 15mm x 120mm fans also a...