flex atx case

  1. dyjsh.14

    Concept Laud Case A-1 by Laud Design Lab 6.9 Liters Dual 92mm Radiator

    Here are the features of the Case: Putting up together the different parts of the case is the same as the formdt1 in which you have to assemble the actual body of the case first before putting in the components inside. Inspired by Formd T1 and based of the model of Dan Case a4. Smallest...
  2. ondert

    Discussion Is there any STX case with built-in psu for APU system?

    Hey guys, Isn’t there any tiny case <2 lt for an STX apu system with built-in psu? I just can’t find any until now.
  3. VELKASE Michael

    Production Velka series cases for ultra compact and portable desktops

    Velka series cases are focused on delivering class-leading space efficiency for portability and reduced desk clutter. Available at velkase.com Revision 3.0 (current) Velka 3: Supports 17 cm discrete graphics cards and an internal Flex ATX power supply for maximal size reduction. Under 4 liters...