first project post

  1. M

    Power Supply Non-gaming APU build part selection & some rational for the selections

    I am building my first build: a non-gaming APU build. Below is my parts selection & some rational for the selections. Silverstone SST-NJ450-SXL Power Supply - was the first part I chose - elegant & fan-less solution but expensive & more power than I require - I did not want an external power...
  2. BryceK

    Build Advice first SFF

    HI Guys, I'm new to the SFF build community. Currently i'm looking into making a high-end build. For this I'm planning on using the new Skyreach S4 Mini. Currently I have on my list: CPU: Intel Core I7-8700, with a Noctua NH-L9i. GPU: Zotac GTX 1080 Mini. MOBO: ASUS ROG Strix Z370-I Gaming...
  3. Biowarejak

    Prototype Project: TEC

    Currently On Hold - 04/11/18 In order to do justice to this project, I need to actually finish a few of my other ones. In particular #77 and Radian. I love to work on this stuff, but my plate is full right now and I have very limited time. Thank you, everyone, for your support and patience. This...