evga gtx 1650 super

  1. Jp42nca

    Log How To Uninstall EVGA Precision X1

    I am about to install Precision X1 but in the event it doesn't work properly or gives me problems how do you uninstall it? I know with Armory Create you need to use their Uninstall Tool software to completely remove files, do I need similar software from EVGA for Precision X1 or can I just go to...
  2. L

    Ophion R3600 AC Build Log

    Hi there! I'm happy to share with you my first SFF build. Well, maybe not so SFF if we compare it with these super small cases we see nowadays. But it's SFF if I compare it with the last Gozilla I built (CM HAF 932 + AIO 280mm + Intel Xeon + RAID5 + SLI). I want the post to be a build log. A...