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  1. thewizzard1

    Concept Dell's new Alienware Laptop - Possibly adaptable PCIe connector

    Just spotted this on LinusTechTip's channel: The connector looks to be the same as the PCIe connector used for their other tiny (really tiny) video cards: https://smallformfactor.net/forum/threads/extra-tiny-dell-video-card-4gb-940mx-and-mx150.6778/ I'm guessing, but looks to possibly be a...
  2. S

    Power Supply Smallest PSU for Nvidia's 32GB GV100

    Hey folks, Seeking some advice on two problems. I recently got a Quadro GV100(exact same as the Titan V, but with more vram) from Nvidia and I'm using it to render ultra-realistic VR experiences, and I would like to build a portable egpu system for it so I can bring it around. I plan to take...
  3. C

    Is there a way to fuse two barrel jacks together?

    So I wanted to fuse two barrel jack connectors together because I am going to work on a project that requires a Pico PSU and eGPU dock. However that would mean I'd have to use two laptop power bricks. To cut down on the cost and the amount of bricks I wanted to use one 330 watt brick since that...
  4. DSmithBYU

    Selling Selling PC components! (RX 480 4GB/HDPlex/Dell Brick)

    Good day. I live in CA 90815. For payments, I recommend paypal. USA buyers only. HP RX 480 4GB OEM GPU (Used, currently works) - $180 HDPlex 400w HiFi DC-ATX (New) - $70 and SOLD. HDPlex 300w AC-DC (Used) - $50 and SOLD. Dell 330w power brick (Used) - $50 and SOLD. Cooler Master Hyper...
  5. A

    Enclosure Custom Case for Dell Optiplex 3010 SFF

    I recently purchased a Dell Optiplex 3010 SFf with an i3, 8gbs ram, and a 250gb SSD. This machine is amazingly fast, and I noticed when I popped her open that everything is so crammed in there and I am worried about overheating since it's all crammed. Is there any case that fits this motherboard?
  6. Mortis Angelus

    Repurposing a Dell Optiplex SX270

    My daytime work is being a Laboratory Engineer in Protein Engineering and Research. As is common for work places like mine, the turnover of computers is pretty high. There are always old computers being thrown away. Last week we had a spring cleaning day, and in the electronics garbage, I...
  7. ThatRacingGuy

    Power Supply Dell 330W brick problem?

    Just got my new 1440p monitor, started up a game and my PC just turned off once it had loaded (as if i'd help the power button), I then noticed the brick itself had turned off, I had to unplug it for quite a while until it would light up again. Any thoughts? 330W Dell brick, HDPlex 400, GTX...
  8. thewizzard1

    Dell 12v 384W power supply - P/N 9T4G0

    Just plucked this bad boye out of a Dell XPSS 2720 AIO. It's 'rated' for 260W, but has 2 of 12v rails, each individually rated at 16A, and a 15W 5vSB rail. Seems fun! Size is a svelte 7"x1.25"x3", but does not include a fan or plug. Grab yours on Ebay, just make sure and get the 260W one, not...