1. S

    .STEP Velocitop (DDC pump/block converter for EK Velocity CPU blocks) 2022-09-24

    See https://smallformfactor.net/forum/threads/velocitop-pump-block-converter-for-ek-velocity-cpu-block.17785/ for details.
  2. Alloy Craft

    Concept Modultra flat reservoir with active pump cooling pre order open!

    HI guys, I am looking to gauge interest in a flat style reservoir like the EK FLT120 that has active pump cooling capabilities. I believe this would be the first flat pump res on the market with this capability. Just like the Modultra LOBO CPU pump block, it would use an integral brass pump...
  3. Alloy Craft

    Production Modultra LOBO: Direct die kit gauging interest.

    So paint is done on the heatsinks, they came out looking great. Pre order will open tomorrow and run for 3-4 weeks. This is introductory pricing and will never be this low again. After 4 weeks pricing will increase to full retail. I am only offering pump and heatsink combos for the...
  4. rcodi

    Log Another Dual 240 Rad NCASE Build

    I've had my NCASE V5 for years now and it's been through a multitude of hardware changes (being so easy to work in is a blessing and a curse). This week I was able to get an ASUS EKWB 3070 from a Newegg shuffle and shortly after I started placing orders for everything I would need including a...
  5. eedev

    FormD T1: Unipanel & DDC Distro-plate

    I'm "working on" / learning to design this at the moment. I wanted to share my ideas and progress. I also want to know what you guys think? Of course this is a work in progress, but if you already see something wrong please let me know 😃 Current Status See you later! 🤟