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    Production GxR-DIY Edition - a tiny 12V 600W load switch module - works with NUC, Deskmini, Pico-PSUs and more

    Some of you have probably seen how Josh | NFC hooked up a graphics card to a DeskMini A300 STX board. Well, unfortunately the DYNAMO 360 used by Josh is currently not available so G-UNIQUE and REVOCCASES have teamed up to work on some alternative for the SFF.NETWORK forum members that works...

    Prototype RCC-BRICKMOD200 / build your own small 200W power brick / active & passive cooled

    I have been asked to make a smaller version of my BRICKMOD-500 (aka BRICKMOD1) so here we go... smaller volume than FLEX With this kit you can build your own small external brick with up to 230W output power. planned specs (still WIP): black anodized aluminum case for improved passive cooling...
  3. zhl146

    Power Supply 7.4mmx5.0mm connector for DELL PA-9E

    Hi all, I've been looking around and I am having trouble finding a panel (through hole) mounted DC power connector that will accept the 7.4mmx5.0mm connector that is on the 240W dell PA-9E brick. Does such a thing exist? Any help is appreciated! :D