1. sergiiua

    Production сase series: SL1 2.1L; SL2 3.3Lby Custom_MOD

    ... in search of a simple and convenient design ... This is a new line of cases made of steel. More strength and cheaper cost! Case SL1 2.1L rev.1 is our smallest case! It was designed for office and multimedia tasks. The simple case design allows you to conveniently assemble a PC in it and...
  2. sergiiua

    Stalled Custom_MOD NAS FX case

    Hello friends! I have long been asked to make a case for a home storage. Evaluate this prototype. Does he have a future? Please fill this form if you want to make an order. case NAS FX 7.5L prototype PHOTO ALBUM Super compact case for home storage. Specs: - Volume: 7.5L (225mm x 190mm x...