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    CPU Scythe Kaze Flex 120 Black vs Noctua A12x25 & A12x15 on Alpenfoehn Blackridge Air Cooler

    Last Sunday I posted my comparison of the new Scythe Kaze Flex 120 - 1500 RPM Black fan when mounted on a Noctua L12 Ghost Edition as the top fan on a dual fan down draft small form factor build. For this new dual downdraft comparison, I used an Alpenfoehn Blackridge cooler with a Noctua A9x14...
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    Dan Case - cpu cooler fin orientation

    Hello, I am building in the Dan Case A4 sfx v4. I have 2 noctua NF-A9x14 on the bottom of the case as intake. I am using the NH-L9i as my cpu cooler. My question is, should I install the cooler fins perpendicular or parallel to the ram for the optimal air flow? Thanks.
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    Closed Nh-C14

    I want to build a new system in the upcoming Ncase V6, would like to build it with the NH-C14 cooler (not the nh-c14s). Willing to pay a fair price. Will need to be shipped to Winnipeg, MB Canada, unless you happen to live here I can pick it up.
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    Closed Cryorig C7 Cu Copper NEW!

    I got my hands on two Cryorig C7 Cu coolers from China. They are in the possession of my TaoBao agent (very reputable company called SuperBuy - confirmed via pics). There is a bit of an "early adopter fee" because of shipping from China, but I figured for a chance to get one of these after...
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    Cryorig C7 Mod

    so i pre-ordered a zs-a4 case (similar to dan a4-sfx and sunmilo a4) from taobao 2 weeks ago, and was really concerned about cooling my intel k cpu. after some research, i found cryorig c7 + noctua a9x14 yield the best result for cooling and acoustic. While i was looking for an elegant solution...