1. Tephnos

    Cooling Low-Profile Cooler Suggestions

    Hi, posted this elsewhere as well but wanted a broad opinion range. In the past, I bought an AXP-100 Muscle and used it. It's a damn awkward cooler, but it cooled an overclocked (4.5) G3258 well for a side spare build and worked just fine for what it was, temps were good too, nothing to be...
  2. C

    AM4 ITX Cooler Compatibility

    I was wondering if anyone would be able to answer my question of whether or not the Dark Rock TF would have any compatibility issues on both the AsRock AM4 ITX or the Biostar X370GTN which I am about to be using until the AsRock board becomes available. Also probably worth noting that I am using...
  3. X

    .SKP NoFan CR95-C 2017-04-16

    Done from drawings. Missing top plastic, but pipecount/thickness should be accurate (credits to SPCR for measuring). Should be accurate to 1.5mm
  4. L

    HG Osmi Build

    After missing out on the A4-SFX batch this February I did some case hunting and came across the stunning Osmi case. Despite the oft mentioned difficulty of working with it, I've been quite taken with its looks. It's the best looking ITX case out there IMO. With that said I'm thinking of the...
  5. |||

    Anandtech [Anandtech] Raijintek Pump-less Phase-Change Closed-loop Liquid Cooler Interesting concept...but the radiator must be installed above the block (I'm wondering if there are any additional orientation restrictions) and the operating environment must be suitably cool (they gave...
  6. confusis

    .SKP AMD FX stock cooler 2015-12-14

    AMD FX stock cooler (without heatpipes)